Sunny's Sports Pre-School


Sunny’s Preschool is bringing exciting new changes this year, including:

  • More days! Choose from 2, 3 or 5 days a week
  • New Hours: 8:30am – 12:30pm
  • Updated Curriculum

Now enrolling for Fall 2018 – Please call for more details!

Sunny’s Sports Pre-School is a drop off preschool program that allows kids (ages 2.5 – 5 and potty trained) to discover how they learn best – by staying active and engaged. We instill the building blocks of a healthy life, which includes physical fitness, art, science, social skills, literacy and math. At Sunny’s Sports Pre-School, our expanded program provides a unique environment that combines an academic curriculum with fun, engaging fitness-related activities. All of our activities are play-based and child-oriented. In addition to development in academic areas like literacy and science, we strive to support children in discovery, creative thinking and independence.

We provide a large variety of exciting free play and structured fitness and sports activities. At Sunny’s Sports Pre-School, we run, jump, climb and tumble every day. Our experienced staff are available to help children stay safe and learn new skills.


  • Gymnastics
  • Tumbling
  • Dance
  • Rock Climbing
  • Nina Zone
  • Soccer
  • Bounce Houses
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Collaborative Games
  • and more!


Young children need guidance and support as they learn positive ways to interact with those around them. We support this development by actively helping children through conflicts in a way that takes everybody’s needs into consideration.


We strive to give our young artists many opportunities to express themselves. We focus on process art – we emphasize the creative process rather than any particular finished product. The children direct their own creative process.


Our science curriculum is all about discovery and exploration of the world around us. We do a variety of exciting science experiments as well as sensory play where children make discoveries on their own.


At Sunny’s Sports Pre-School, we provide a print-rich environment where children see and interact with words and letters all day long. In addition to daily experiences with books we sing songs, tell stories, and learn poems and chants.

Our literacy activities support:

  • Phonological Awareness: This vital tool encompasses a variety of individual skills, including rhyming, alliteration, segmenting words, counting syllables in words and more
  • Alphabet Knowledge: Recognizing upper and lowercase letters and learning the sounds those letters make
  • The concept of words in print
  • Early writing and letter formation


Children need to develop a variety of different skills before they can understand concepts like addition and subtraction. Our program focuses on development of a variety of number sense skills, such as:

  • Rote counting: Counting from 1 to 10 (or higher!) – Rote counting is the memorization of the numbers, repeated like a poem or song
  • One-to-one correspondence: The ability to match one object to one number or object
  • Rational counting
  • Numeral recognition
  • Understand basic shapes
  • Measuring: We start by measuring things with non-traditional measurements (pencils, hands, feet, etc.) and then move to traditional measurements (inches, cups, etc.)
  • Patterning: Learning to form increasingly complex patterns is an important skill for science, math and reading skill development


Healthy snacks are provided daily. Please send your child with a water bottle or sippy cup filled with the drink of your choice. Please bring a lunch if staying past 12:15pm.



Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


9:00am -1:00pm


2.5 – 5 years old
(must be potty trained)

Is your child 5+ years old?
Please see Camp Sunny – School Year Camps


Camp Sunny Jr. provides a day camp, with half and full day options, when Alachua County Schools are closed. This camp is appropriate for children aged 2.5-5. To enroll on these days please use the Camp Sunny Jr. registration form.


Monthly Rates:

3 Days (M/W/R): $276.00

  • Available for ages 2.5 – 5 years old
  • Sun Country Membership is required to participate
  • FREE Stay & Play for all monthly participants
  • Please bring your own lunch if staying past 12:00pm
  • Snacks provided
  • 10% sibling discount (monthly rates only)
  • All participants must be potty trained
  • Current immunization and health forms must be received at time of registration


This program licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Our license number is: C09AL0013

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