Sun Country Sports offers Competitive gymnastics programs!

These classes are traditionally offered by invitation only to those children that excel in the gym and desire accelerated instruction.

Children learn fundamental body positions, basic muscle strength and flexibility that competitive gymnastics requires. We offer competitive team programs for both  girls from ages 6 to 18. Our teams practice extensively and travel the state to compete in American Athletic Union (AAU) competitions. Many of our competitive team members go on to compete at the collegiate level.

Our AAU girls teams train in our 40,000 square foot West/Jonesville climate-controlled facility with six separate gyms including: two in-ground training pits, two in-ground trampolines, two Tumble Trak’s, a 64’ power tumbling rod floor and many other gymnastics equipment.

Hello Sun Country Team Families!

We are excited to have shone through the crazy month of March! All of our girls made huge strides in each of our first three Qualifiers and we are happy to announce that everyone has qualified for the State Championships! We are so proud of all the progress our girls have made this season and can’t wait to see everyone represent themselves and Team Sun Country in May. Thank you parents for all of your support throughout the year (especially at our home meet!), your contributions have been invaluable!

Below are some of our recent outstanding performers:

3rd Qualifier:

  • Allison Diem (Level 2) – 2nd place All-Around
  • Emma Curtis (Level 3) – 2nd place All-Around
  • Jenna Davis (Level 3) – 2nd place All-Around
  • Madelyn French (Level 4) – 3rd place All-Around
  • Gabriella Hale (Level 4) – 2nd place All-Around
  • Eva Rowland (Level 7) – 2nd place All-Around
  • Hailey Tharp (Platinum) – 1st place All-Around
  • Perisa Williams (Platinum) – 3rd place All-Around


Coming up in May we have our last meet:

AAU State Championships – May 5 – 7th in Tampa, FL at

Tampa Convention Center
333 Franklin Street
Tampa, FL 33602

For more information visit: AAU State Championship


One Final Note – We understand that testing season continues in schools this month.  Academics always come first, however, please make every effort to attend all practices.  This time of year always gets hectic, but time management is another life skill that we get to learn as a part of this gymnastics team.  Please let me know if you have any concerns about your daughter’s performance in school or in the gym!