In this edition of Staff Features, we catch up with one of our most multi-talented team members!
Read on to gain an insider’s perspective and fascinating insight into the life of a true

Sun Country Superstar!

Name: Eric Harris

Position: Ninja Zone, Gymnastics and Tumbling Coach,
FUNrichment After-School and Camp Counselor

Tenure: 2 Years


1. What three traits define you?
Three traits that define we would have to be: well-rounded, trustworthy, determined.

2. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
I definitely couldn’t live without Snapple Apple and Moes, it’s impossible.

3. What is one thing you cannot resist?
I cannot resist SportsCenters top 10 plays of the week, haven’t missed one yet.

4. Where is your favorite place to be?
My favorite place to be is the beach.

5. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
The best place that I’ve traveled to was Tennessee because it’s where I saw snow for the first time.

6. How did you first get involved with Sun Country?
I first got involved with Sun Country through my friend Shelbi.

7. What is your earliest of fondest memory at Sun Country?
My earliest memory at Sun Country would have to be when I met a child by the name of River, she was the kindest kid I’ve ever met.

8. What do you enjoy most as a coach of a recreational sports program?
As a coach, I enjoy having the opportunity to help children learn and grow.

9. What do you enjoy doing most when you are not at work?
I enjoy listening to music when I’m not working.

10. How might someone describe you?
Someone might describe me as quick thinking.

11. Do you have a nickname? How did it originate?
My nicknames at Sun Country are Mr.Pizza and Mr. A-Wreck. They’ve all come from the children.

12. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As a kid I wanted to be a highway patrol officer because of the super fast Dodge Chargers they get to drive.

13. If you could share a meal with anyone in all of history, who would it be?
I’d have Moes with Barack Obama, I think that would be the coolest thing ever.

14. What is the first concert you attended?
The first concert I ever attended was a Lecrea concert in Georgia.


A big thank you to Coach Eric for taking the time to answer our questions! If you ever happen to see him around the gym, feel free to share a smile and say hello! We hope to see you back again next month as we continue learning more about our hard-working Sun Country Staff!