In this edition of Staff Features, we catch up with one of our friendly and most versatile team members!
Read on to gain an insider’s perspective and fascinating insight into the life of a true

Sun Country Superstar!

Name: Cole Maffeo

Position: Ninja Zone Department Leader,
Rainbow Gymnastics and AAU Coach

Tenure: 6 Years

  1. What is your personal philosophy?
    I always want the kids to be learning and progressing forward; if not, then there is something I need to be doing differently to make sure each kid continues to develop. 
  2. What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?
    Moving and starting school on my own after having come from a family of 9 kids. 
  3. Where is your favorite place to be?
    Near the water. No matter what, the beach, pool or lake always relaxes me. 
  4. What does true leadership mean to you?
    Always being at the forefront of the sport and leading others with you, not having them do things for you. I feel I should always be leading with examples and having my staff follow that example, not give them unreasonable things to do that I wouldn’t do myself. 
  5. How did you first get involved with Sun Country?
    My father knew Linda (owner) for many years and we had always gone to their men’s gymnastics competitions. So, when I moved up here (Gainesville) for school I already knew where I wanted to work. 
  6. What has surprised you most about working with children?
    The things they say. Almost every week I hear something new, some funny joke or saying that brightens my day. 
  7. What do you enjoy most about being Ninja Director?
    Being able to work with all the ninja kids and get all the new information as soon as it’s available to take and incorporate into the classes. 
  8. Where do you see the evolution of Ninja over the next 5 years?
    I see it progressing into an established sport – something kids will go and compete in along with other kids. It could definitely expand into the competitive sphere for younger children and even be brought into schools for PE. 
  9. What is on your bucket list?
    Go to every US state, back pack Europe, and retire to the beach. 
  10. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your power to be?
    Definitely flying. If there’s anything I love about my time as a gymnast, Ninja or diver its being in the air and feeling weightless as I’m able to flip, twist and feel free. 
  11. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
    Drawing. Any free time I get I spend drawing; different people, things, comic characters or ideas.

A big thank you to Coach Cole for taking the time to answer our questions! If you ever happen to see him around the gym, feel free to share a smile and say hello! We hope to see you back again next month as we continue learning more about our hard-working Sun Country Staff!