We had such a great time singing and moving like animals last month! This February the weather may be starting to churn, but we guarantee that our wheels will continue to turn! The Gym Bus never stops rolling no matter the circumstance and we look forward to playing with our friends at every chance! Our Gym Bus classes are available year-round, so your growing gymnast gets to exercise with us regularly. As the weather begins to warm we hope to not get caught in any storms – come see us jump, climb and sway as we improve our fitness every day! It’s a fun easy month filled with exploring feelings, spring greetings and discovering bugs!

This month our students will be exploring –

Exploring how our body moves when we feel different ways like excited, sleepy, mad, or sad!

Valentine’s Day
Working with partners to do several different skills and stretches with our friends!

Spring Time –
Learning about our upcoming season and the wonderful things that come with Spring, birds, flowers, and sunshine!

Creeping, crawling and  creatures move in such fun ways, like caterpillars, grasshoppers, and rolly polies!

Thank you for letting us teach your children!



Did you know that the Gym Bus can come to your house for a party? We provide entertaining activities for a full hour for your preschooler and all of their friends, plus all of the goodies including balloons, goodie cups, and a shirt and medal for the birthday child!

Call (352) 331-8773 for more information about our mobile gymnasium!