This November is looking like loads of fun for all of our friends as the Gym Bus gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving! This wonderful Fall season weather has recently allowed us to hold Gym Bus classes with the windows open and the breeze flowing. Feel free to stop by and sneak a peek or just take a listen to all of the fun and fitness activities we have going on!

This month our students will be learning about:

Opposite Day (Our fun, silly and educational day of living in reverse!)


See and Do Book Day (See the picture of the gymnast, read the words, then try to copy the action!)

kids track

Thanksgiving (Giving thanks for our Gym Bus!)


Disney/Mickey Mouse Day (The most popular day of all!)


We are so happy to be rolling through the Fall with all our new friends ready to grow and learn!

REMINDERS – Please wear closed toed shoes on Gym Bus day. We leave our shoes on during class and having sneakers makes it much easier to run, jump, and balance! Also, we may wear our sweaters and jackets if it gets cold outside. Our Gym Bus is equipped with heaters for those cold winter days, but sometimes just getting to and from the bus requires an extra layer of warmth!



The Gym Bus is also available for Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Company Picnics and Celebrations.

Call (352) 331-8773 for more information about our mobile gymnasium!