Kristal Boyett
Member since 2015

  1. How long have you been climbing and what got you into it?
    I first brought my kids to other departments in Sun Country but they were drawn to rock climbing. They got into it first, but soon after I joined them. It’s been about three years now!
  2. What is your favorite thing about climbing in a gym?
    Definitely the community. I always find people to climb with!
  3. Do you have any plans to climb outdoors in the near future?
    Yes, hopefully. I’ve made some plans to travel out West to do a prolonged climbing trip with some friends. We might not be able to make it happen but we’re hoping we can!
  4. What is your greatest weakness in your climbing skillset?
    Oh gosh, can I list them all? I guess slopers and pinches. I’m always getting better though! 

Thank you Kristal for taking the time to catch up with us, stay tuned next month as we get to know the climbers in our community!