Hey parents and kiddos,

My name is Coach Brent and I am honored to have the opportunity to instruct awesome kids for a living! I have a significant background in coaching children across a wide range of sports and I have the pleasure to have been a part of the Ninja Zone program since its inception. It is a sport I am undoubtedly passionate about and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing students conquer their fears, tackle new obstacles and realize their goals every day in class. It should go without saying, but in case you didn’t notice – I firmly believe Ninja Zone to be the most amazing program around!

I know, I know… it’s my job to promote the program and to get people excited about an exciting new sport. However, in our case, the program at Sun Country is truly among the best, growing exponentially since its inception a little over one year ago! We’re proud to be celebrating this occasion with several new developments.

Our classes have recently shifted to our NEW Ninja room which has all the amenities of a world class dojo and is about to gain more! Our new Ninja Rig is also in the works! The Ninja Warrior inspired structure will include all new obstacles, including: ninja mats, monkey bars, foam/rope swings AND… a WARPED WALL! Our current students are pumped about the upgrades and we expect many more to take advantage of our sweet amenities as we continue to progress.

Ninja does a fantastic job of combining the best aspects from a number of different sports (martial arts, gymnastics, street dance and obstacle course training), while eliminating most of the tedious elements that make them, for lack of a better word – boring. This hybrid sport legitimately allows a kid to be a kid; it’s focus on freedom of expression in addition to the emphasis it places on discipline is forward-thinking. Above all, students are educated about the importance of being respectful and taking on responsibility from day one! Ninja allows kids to develop athletically with the added benefit of safety, supervision and structure provided by trained coaches. 

If my message didn’t manage to convince you to check us out, I might just have to send my Ninjas after you!
Kidding of course.

Or am I… 

To our prospective Ninjas – I’m excited to meet all of you! To our current Ninjas – keep up the great work!

In any case – we hope to see you at the gym soon!


Brent Bedford
Ninja Zone Head Coach


P.S. For those that aren’t yet sure about making a commitment to join a Ninja class, you have options! This summer, we are introducing two incredible additions to the Ninja curriculum: Ninja Jam and Ninja Specialty Camp!

Ninja Jam

Ninja Specialty Camp

(available for children age 3 and up) (available for children ages 5 and up)
Ninja Jam includes 30 minutes of mixed group instruction time for ninjas of all skill levels and ends with 45 minutes of open ninja time and obstacle courses!

For new students, Ninja Jam provides a chance to meet our instructors and receive an introduction to our Ninja program. Current students can use ninja jam to drop in for extra practice. Our new and improved Ninja room is ready for action!

Click the image below for more information!

Your Ninjas will learn to flip, roll, jump and climb as they conquer strength and agility courses! Our coaches will also teach the importance of discipline and respect, essential skills required to becoming a successful Ninja.

Students will be challenged to channel their best efforts not only at camp but also in every aspect of their lives. The week will be full of super skills, stealth and strength as our ninjas take over the gym!

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