Name: Dustin Anderson

Member since 2000


1. How long have you been climbing and how did you get started? 

About 6 years since a friend in Guatemala brought me to their free wall, built as an attempt to give the local kids something to do instead of getting in trouble. It was (not unlike Sun Country) a corner of a local kids gymnasium. It was a totally smooth, vertical wall with ancient holds. For some strange reason this got me psyched on climbing so I continued when I got back to my undergrad at Chico, California.


2. How long have you been setting?

I started setting about 3 years ago around.

3.  How has setting changed the way that you climb? 

It has developed my route-reading abilities. I can now more easily project out several moves to see where my hands and feet need to be in order to get somewhere with the (somewhat) appropriate body positioning. It’s also re-enforced the subjectivity of grading and the arbitrariness of climbing in its entirety bringing an even greater nihilistic appreciation of our shared endeavor to take the hard way up.


4. Say you’re looking at a boulder that you just set and realize it’s the best creation you’ve ever made. What would it look like and how would it climb?

 I would be a piece of pure inspiration. A magnum opus in which every time you clench a hand or place a foot you want to vomit rainbows and butterflies with the pure Nirvana that you’ve suddenly obtained. Or it would just be a pretty neat, unique collection of moves that made you think a nit and that you wouldn’t hate climbing again.


5. If you could go back to your first week of setting and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Probably more overhanging crimp pump fests with high feet. Because then I’d be better at them now. But, then, I’m not sure what would differentiate me from Kenzie.


Thank you Dustin for taking the time to catch up with us, stay tuned next month as we get to know the other setters in our community!