Our Ninjas have been making incredible progress since we started the Ninja Zone program in January 2016! We have seen our numbers explode all the way to 75-80 students as of July. It has been tremendously rewarding to see the excitement this new program has generated and we cannot wait to see what adventures the future will bring.

Each week the Ninjas will continue to work on a new activity in order to continue expanding their skill set.

In August, the students will be working on:

Week     Activity

  1.           Floor
  2.           Beams 
  3.           Tramp
  4.           Bars

Homework for White Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-4
Conditioning – 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups

Homework for Yellow Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-6
Conditioning – 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups


Remember Ninjas, learning the Creed and paying attention in class plays a massive part in moving up to the next level. The harder you are willing to work on your Ninja skills, the easier and more fun the lessons will become! Use different methods to breakdown the Creed and continue practicing your skills in safe places under parental supervision.

Respect and honor my parents, teachers, siblings, peers and authority figures. Use proper manners at home and in public. Take self responsibility for my actions. Exhibit impulse restraint and make good decisions. Work hard at everything I do. Never let any obstacles get in the way of success. Help others grow to the next level. Have fun while being responsible and safe. Use my ninja powers only for good and helpful purposes. Resolve conflict in a peaceful, quiet and respectful manner. Reach my full potential each day by pushing my body, mind and soul. Learn at least one new thing each day in school, at home or in ninja class.

Parents, please remember that the Ninjas are at their best when they are fully focused, integrated and active in class. We ask that parents remain off the gym floors at all times during a lesson, unless a Trainer has authorized a parent to tend to their child. We appreciate your understanding!