Our Ninjas are working hard and staying warm as we flip, skip and zip into the Winter time! The Ninja Zone Program has progressed tremendously over the course of its’ first year and we are thankful to everyone for believing in us. All of our Ninjas have continued to show growth in body and mind. Remember families, the Trainers are there to help your child reach their ultimate potential! If you have any questions or wish to learn more about becoming a great Ninja, do not hesitate to speak to our Trainers before or after class. As the year comes to an end, we are preparing to introduce a new element into Ninja Zone that will help take our incredible Ninjas to the next level!

*** New Class times have become available, please stop by our Front Desk for more information ***

Each week the Ninjas will continue to work on a new activity in order to continue expanding their skill set.
In December, the students will be working on:
Week                   Activity

   1                          Floor

      2                          Beams

               3                          Trampoline

 4                          Bars


Homework for White Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-4
Conditioning – 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups

Homework for Yellow Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-6
Conditioning – 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups


Reminders: Skills and Mindset

  • Keep practicing your skills safely and when your parents allow it as these are super important to your development! The extra work will help your body become stronger, thus making it easier to grow in and out of class.
  • As we progress to higher levels with more difficult moves, keeping up with your homework at home can make a difference in whether a skill sticks. Practicing with a purpose breeds success – this applies not only for Ninja class, but at school and with your chores as well!
  • Continue to show the Ninja spirit by honoring yourself and others, helping your peers when needed and respecting the wishes of your parents. Never stop working to be the very best Ninja you can be!


Special Note: Ninja Missions

Our Ninja Missions are a brand new event we are implementing into the program! Now, when a coach feels that your Ninja is ready to advance to the next level, they will be invited to a “Ninja Mission”. This will test everything they have learned at their current level and reward their hard work with the next rank upon completion.

Our first Ninja Mission is planned for January 21st at Sun Country. If your child is invited and will not be able to attend, please note that they will have to wait until the next mission in order to test again. Our Trainers cannot wait to see which Ninjas are ready to ascend to new heights!