The Ninjas had quite an exciting past month!

A select number of students celebrated the new year with a bang by participating in their very first Ninja Mission, a ceremony where Ninjas that are ready to advance to the next level receive an opportunity to showcase their skills and earn their next rank! We are excited that our Mission was a great success, thank you all for being patient and supportive while our Trainers worked our Ninjas to do their very best!

If your child was not invited to this past Mission there is no need to worry, every student develops at a rate most suitable to them. Our Trainers work hard to make sure all of our Ninjas excel both inside and out of the gym. When your Ninja has mastered all of the essential skills at their level, they will be ready to take the next step! Looking forward, we will be hosting Ninja Mission’s every quarter of the year based on need when our awesome Ninjas are ready to take their talents to greater heights!


Each week the Ninjas will train on a new activity in order to continue expanding their skill set.
In February, the students will be working on:
Week                             Activity

   1                          Floor

      2                          Beams

               3                          Trampoline

 4                          Bars

Homework for White Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-4
Conditioning – 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups

Homework for Yellow Ninjas:

Ninja Creed – Lines 1-6
Conditioning – 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups


Reminders: Skills and Mindset

  • Keep practicing your skills safely and when your parents allow it as these are super important to your development! The extra work will help your body become stronger, thus making it easier to grow in and out of class.
  • As we progress to higher levels with more difficult moves, keeping up with your homework at home can make a difference in whether a skill sticks. Practicing with a purpose breeds success – this applies not only for Ninja class, but at school and with your chores as well!
  • Continue to show the Ninja spirit by honoring yourself and others, helping your peers when needed and respecting the wishes of your parents. Never stop working to be the very best Ninja you can be!