There are several SNEAKY developments on the way for Ninja Zone…..Read on to learn more!

We are making some exciting adjustments in our Ninja Zone classes this month! Now with every class, students will be learning on every event: Floor, Bars, Beam and Trampoline. This will give the Ninjas more time to develop their skills every week, instead of only practicing once a month. We ask that families please be supportive and patient with Trainers as we make this substantial transition!

Also,  be on the lookout for a Ninja Student Survey coming soon as we want ensure our families are being heard!

If there is ever any question or concern with a class or if you would like to speak with your Trainer, please do not hesitate to approach them! We will do our best to make time for you before and after each class.

You may always reach our Department Leader Sara Killough at:

Make sure to stay tuned as we edge closer to our BIG announcement! 


Ninja Homework:

  • White
    • 1-4 Ninja Creed lines
    • 20 push-ups and sit-ups
  • Yellow
    • 1-4 Ninja Creed lines
    • 25 push-ups sit-ups
  • Green
    • 1-7 Ninja Creed lines
    • 35 push-ups and sit-ups


Reminders: Skills and Mindset

  • Keep practicing your skills safely and when your parents allow it as these are super important to your development! The extra work will help your body become stronger, thus making it easier to grow in and out of class.
  • As we progress to higher levels with more difficult moves, keeping up with your homework at home can make a difference in whether a skill sticks. Practicing with a purpose breeds success – this applies not only for Ninja class, but at school and with your chores as well!
  • Continue to show the Ninja spirit by honoring yourself and others, helping your peers when needed and respecting the wishes of your parents. Never stop working to be the very best Ninja you can be!