The SunBurst Gymnastics Program is excited to release the new and adventurous weekly Themes for the month of July! Students better pack their bags and pick themselves up by their bootstraps because we are about to take off to the moon and back again! Each week is bound to provide students and parents alike with a sense of joy and wonder as we explore a variety of different ways to continue developing our gymnastics skills.

The Themes will be scheduled as follows:

Celebration of America (6/27 – 7/2)4th-of-july-free-images-clipart

Hula Hoop Week (7/5 – 7/9)


Carpet Square Week (7/11 – 7/16)


The Moon (7/18 – 7/23)


Beach Time (7/25 – 7/30)



Remember, if a student is going to be missing a class for any reason, whether it be a child feeling under the weather or the family going out of town, make sure to let us know ahead of time so that we can schedule a fun make-up program. We cannot wait to see all of our friends in class this month!

July Pre-School Gymnastics Calendar