During the month of January, our students will be learning one of the foundations of performing gymnastics. We are going to be building Bridges with Love! We love gymnastics, so we are going to be practicing the proper way to build our muscles for Bridges all throughout this month.

Having strong, flexible shoulders and core muscles is integral in gymnastics and in life! We will be exercising these parts of our bodies in several different ways every week as we work on mastering our bridge skills. We are so excited to see the gymnasts continue to improve their skills and be able to show off in and out of the gym!







As we begin a New Year, we are also adding new coaches! All of our coaches (and we have many) have a gymnastics background. Some of them were former students here at Sun Country! Others were competitive gymnasts from all over the US. Some have coaching experience and some are new to coaching, but they all have a love of children and most are pursuing a career in a related field.

Please allow a period of adjustment while our coaches get to know their students and each child gets to know their coach. Also, please know that we always do our best to minimize the amount of coaching changes and we place our coaches with the age and ability levels that they are best at leading!

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s coach, feel free to send an email to our Gymnastics Director Tanaya Williams at: gym@suncountrysports.com, leave a message with the desk, or leave a voicemail through (352) 331-8773.