Our Rainbow Gymnastics Program is excited to introduce our Muscle Lab Activity for the Summer! Each month our classes will be working hard to improve separate muscle groups in their bodies. Being strong is a tremendously important part of gymnastics and a lifelong benefit of participating in our classes.  We want our students to recognize the importance of muscular strength and flexibility!

Last month, we learned about the muscles in our arms and upper body. This month, we are learning about the muscles in our core and moving into the legs!

Rainbow Gymnastics Class July activities:

  • Abdominals (6/27 – 7/2)
  • Obliques (7/4 – 7/9)
  • Erectors (7/11 – 7/16)
  • Gluteus maximus (7/18 – 7/23)
  • Quadriceps (7/25 – 7/30)

Each week we will determine how one of these muscles moves our body while learning how to stretch and strengthen them accordingly.  We encourage families to ask their children what exercises they are working on at the gym so that everyone can continue learning at home together! We cannot wait for our gymnasts to show off their super core muscles that they’ll be developing over the course of this month. Thank you Sun Country Families for your continued support!


Rainbow Gymnast