The Rock Wall Department at Sun Country Sports Center Jonesville is excited to announce the addition of TWO brand NEW Auto-Belay Climbing Devices!

SC Auto-Belays
These devices eliminate the need for a human belayer. The auto-belay takes up excess slack on the rope as a climber ascends and safely controls the descent when the climber decides to let go or happens to fall off. Since auto-belay devices don’t require a hands on belayer, many people are able to rotate through a station quickly regardless of available staff. Furthermore, multiple auto-belay stations can be supervised by a single staff person thus allowing more people to climb simultaneously. This innovative system will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of climbing at the Wall moving forward.

Also, be on the lookout climbers—the Rock Wall Department is about to receive brand new climbing gear!

rw shoes

Old climbing shoes will go on sale beginning July 5th. Prices will range from $ 5 – $20 depending on shoe age and wear.

All gear will now become available for rent (beginning July 5th):

Harnesses – FREE

Climbing Shoes – $4 + tax
(Regular sneakers can be used as well)

Lead Rope – $3 + tax
(For experienced Lead Climbers only)

Please refer the the Front Desk if you have any additional questions or concerns. We cannot wait to see all of our new equipment help take our climbers to great new heights!