Updated May 28, 2020

A video message from Sun Country Sports

Re-Opening Schedule:

  • May 18: Swim Classes resumed
  • June 1: Summer Camp begins
  • June 1: Competitive Gymnastics (both locations resume)
  • June 1: Trampoline & Tumbling Team (both locations resume)

Postponed and Cancelled Events:

  • Postponed – Dance Sun Country Recital
  • Cancelled – Rainbow Gymnastics Meet


Sun Country’s response to COVID-19:

We are closely monitoring government and health department updates and we will reopen when it is absolutely safe for your families and our staff to return.

Many of our awesome staff have deep cleaned both of our facilities and all vehicles. We’ve repainted many surfaces and we’ve rearranged a few of our gyms and rooms to better organize equipment. We’ve made some other great improvements that you’ll get to experience as soon as you can return.

Are all locations closed?:

Unfortunately, both Sun Country locations are closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

How will I find out when you plan to reopen?:

Do you currently follow Sun Country on Facebook or Instagram? We’ll be posting weekly updates each Thursday about our plans for the upcoming week. Updates will also go out to anyone currently enrolled in our programs.

If you’re answering phones, why can’t I bring my child?:

We are available (by phone) Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm to answer any questions you may have during this time. We are also closed to the public due to the mandatory stay at home order issued by Governor DeSantis.

Do you offer any digital content?:


  • We have free virtual weekly activities on our Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Competitive Gymnastics Team:
    If you are a member of our Gymnastics Teams you are encouraged to enroll in our E-Gym online platform. We have different tiers based on your child’s level.
  • Dance Sun Country:
    We have launched E-Dance and encourage all current and future dancers to experience our dance classes virtually. We have almost all dance classes live on our virtual platform. Please call us or email office@suncountrysports.com to get signed up! Visit our E-Dance page for more details or click here to sign up!
  • Cheerleading:
    We have launched E-Cheer and encourage all current and future cheerleaders to experience our cheer classes virtually. Please call us or email office@suncountrysports.com to get signed up!
  • Amazing Kids 360 (Gymnastics, Ninja, Activities and more):
    We have launched Amazing Kids 360 for on demand virtual recreational classes including Gymnastics, Ninja, Dance, Kids Activities and more! Please call us or email office@suncountrysports.com to get signed up! Visit our Amazing Kids 360 page for more details or click here to get signed up!

Is the virtual content as good as regular in person classes?:

Absolutely not! But it’s the best we can offer right now due to the circumstances and it’s definitely better than no classes at all. By enrolling in our virtual classes you are also supporting our staff who otherwise wouldn’t have any way to teach which they love!

Kids who were enrolled in FUNDAMENTAL RECREATIONAL classes prior to closure:

You closed mid-March but I had paid for the full month of march:

Everyone that had paid for March in ANY program or class got a credit for any missed classes due to the closure. These credits are on your Sun Country Account.

I believe my credit card was charged at the end of March for April Tuition:

We continued with our normal billing at the end of March to ensure that every student kept their spot in class. In many cases you were given a 20% discount on that billing as a THANK YOU for allowing us to pre-bill you while we were unsure of our opening date. This money is sitting on your account waiting for our re-open date or for you to use for any of our Virtual Classes if you choose in the meantime. Rest assured you will NOT be charged for any in person classes you do not attend due to closure.

You will still receive a one-time 20% loyalty discount off of your recreational tuition when we-reopen as a thank-you for remaining enrolled during this time.

I can’t continue financially. How do I drop?:

We completely understand and hope you’ll still follow us online to keep up with our great activities. You can find the drop from on our website on the Membership page. And if it’s okay, we would like to reach out after this has passed to see if you’re interested in joining back.


We want to make sure every family’s account is accurate and we are doing our best to go through each one. Because there are so many variables we encourage you to call our office if you have any specific questions about your account. Many of you have credits and they will be there and ready for when we re-open.

What happens to my money if you don’t open again?:

Sun Country is very lucky to have strong support in the Gainesville community, and we have been overwhelmed by the show of support from our customers and staff during this crisis. Sun Country isn’t going anywhere, that’s our promise to our over 90 staff and thousands of students. There is no question that we will re-open as soon as we can.


Sun Country is a family business that has been a part of the Gainesville community for 33 years. We are making sure that we can continue to serve the community for many more years to come. But we can’t do that without the support of our members.
We are available (by phone) Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm to answer any questions you may have during this time.

Phone: (352) 331-8773

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Our Sun Country employees are continuing to work on projects and cannot wait to see you and your families very soon!