The Adventures of Flat Sunny

One day Sunny was at Sun Country Sports having so much fun. He was swimming, jumping, rock climbing and staying active all day long. When he was practicing his tumbling skills, all of a sudden, he tumbled into a girl practicing her gymnastics. The girl landed on Sunny and flattened him! He was now flat as a piece of paper but now able to easily go along with all his friends when they visit Sun Country and other adventures they have. He decided to change his name to – Flat Sunny!

Now it’s your chance to print your own Flat Sunny and take him along with you. Either at home or when at Sun Country, he would enjoy being part of your next adventure or activity at Sun Country!

Download and Share Your Flat Sunny:

It’s easy to get started. Download your own Flat Sunny. Print out Flat Sunny. Color and cut out Flat Sunny. Take Flat Sunny with you and pose him in fun situations and be sure to take a photo of him. Then, share your photo with the hashtag #flatsunny and also send us his photo so we can share in our Flat Sunny Photo Scrapbook.
Download Flat Sunny (8.5 x 11 PDF)
When your have your Flat Sunny photos ready, email them to:

Start your own adventure with Flat Sunny

After printing out your own Flat Sunny, be sure to have him come along on your adventures. You can fold him up and put him in your pocket, folder or backpack and when you’re ready, just unfold him and you’re all set.

Where is Flat Sunny

Flat Sunny can be part of any activity you want. Have him be part of your next home activity or the next time you visit Sun Country. He loves to swim, dance, rock climb and gymnastics. He even likes just hanging out watching a movie or reading with you. Every activity you do is an adventure for Flat Sunny too.

Take a photo of Flat Sunny

Make sure you take a photo of Flat Sunny. Pose him in funny situations, take selfies with him, have him with you while at Sun Country or any creative idea you may have!

Share Flat Sunny's Adventure

After a day with Flat Sunny, be sure to share your adventures with everyone. We’d love to also are your photos in our Flat Sunny Scrapbook (coming soon), and on our social media accounts. Be sure to tag him at #flatsunny and email your photos to: Remember, every day is an adventure and an opportunity to be active.
Flat Sunny Scrapbook