The Ninjas are here! The NinjaZone is an all new discipline inspired from Obstacle Course Training, Gymnastics, Street Dance and Martial Arts.

Beyond skill, our curriculum teaches:

• Confidence
• Discipline
• Being part of a group
• Impulse control

Imagine taking the body control and focus from gymnastics and the strength and agility of obstacle course training and adding it to the confidence and discipline of karate. NinjaZone will challenge your child to be the best they can be not only in classes but also in every aspect of their lives.


Children will learn flips, rolls, jumps and kicks in combination with strength and agility courses. NinjaZone has a progressive level system that evaluates and advances children on their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the NinjaZone creed. The levels of NinjaZone are defined by the headband colors of White, Yellow and Green.

• Baby Ninjas (18 months to 3 years old)
• Lil’ Ninjas (Ages 3-5)
• Ninjas (Ages 5+)


Respect and honor my parents, teachers, siblings, peers and authority figures. Use proper manners at home and in public. Take self responsibility for my actions. Exhibit impulse restraint and make good decisions. Work hard at everything I do. Never let any obstacles get in the way of success. Help others grow to the next level. Have fun while being responsible and safe. Use my ninja powers only for good and helpful purposes. Resolve conflict in a peaceful, quiet and respectful manner. Reach my full potential each day by pushing my body, mind and soul. Learn at least one new thing each day in school, at home or in ninja class.

NinjaZone General Information:

All NinjaZone coaches are fully trained on technical skill equipment and pro-active safety according to guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics.

Ninja Rig

Check out this virtual walk through of our NEW Ninja Rig! We are pumped about this new addition for our Ninjas.


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The NinjaZone Department’s mission is to instill a love of the ninja sport and provide a strong foundation for any other sport a child may wish to pursue, strengthening children’s bodies, minds and self-esteem in a fun, safe and energetic environment.


The NinjaZone is an all new discipline inspired from Obstacle Course Training, Gymnastics, Street Dance and Martial Arts. Sign up to learn more about this great program!

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