Sun Country membership gives your family discounts in all programs and special events at both Sun Country locations. Membership is required for our recreational program, competitive teams and other programs.

Membership Fee:

$75.00 per Family / per year
$45.00 per Individual Adult  / per year

Membership Details:

  • This fee gives your family discounts in all programs and special events at both Sun Country locations
  • Some programs at Sun Country require membership

Sun Country Sports Membership FAQ's:

A: Family Memberships are required for all of our instructional classes, competitive teams, afterschool and/or Sunny’s Sports School. If you are not taking one of these classes it might benefit your family to become a member in order to receive discounts on all of our programming. Member and non-member rates are always listed under each program.

A: Individual Adult Memberships are required for adult instructional classes only.  If you are not taking an instructional class you may benefit from having an Adult Membership to receive discounts for the individual adult only on all of our other programming. Member and non-member rates are always listed under each program.

A: Your membership expires one year from the date you pay.

A: If you are enrolled in an instructional class, competitive team, afterschool and/or Sunny’s Sports School your membership will be automatically billed each year when it is due. If you have a Family or Individual Adult Membership but are not enrolled in the above programs, you will need to let us know if you would like to renew annually. We will tell you when your membership is expiring.

A: Sorry, no, and here’s why…

At Sun Country Sports Center, the safety and well-being of students in our program is top priority. To promote a safe environment for Sun Country activities and events, and to reduce the likelihood of an abusive situation, we require that all of our staff adhere to the Standards of Behavior outlined in our Misconduct Prevention Policy.

One of these Standards is that out-of-program contact with students, such as babysitting, tutoring and ride giving, is prohibited. This policy reduces the potential for an unsafe situation by only allowing Sun Country staff contact with students in structured, supervised settings.

We know our staff are great, and we encourage you to take advantage of our licensed, accredited child care programs like FUNrichment Afterschool, Camp Sunny and Parent’s Night Out. However, we ask that parents please refrain from putting our staff in an unsafe and uncomfortable position by recognizing the importance of our policies.

Thanks for supporting Sun Country Sports Center, so that we can continue to provide quality youth development programming for the community. Please reach out if you have questions or if you are interested in the full text of our Misconduct Prevention policy.

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If you’re just looking to become a Sun Country Sports Member at this time, we can do that via phone by calling us at (352) 331-8773 or in person at either one of our Sun Country Sports location.


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