2021-2022 UPDATE

We are excited to offer split classrooms for the 2021-2022 school year. Classrooms for ages 2/3 and ages 4/5 will give us the ability to more easily target age-appropriate learning standards. We will customize our activities to the abilities and ages of the smaller classes.

Sunny's Pre-School

At Sunny’s Pre-school we will provide the materials, opportunities and guidance while the children do what they do best – learn through play and exploration.

Research has shown repeatedly that children learn best when they are active, engaged, and interested. We take this into account when planning a curriculum. We have developed a curriculum based on healthy learning through play. Drawing on the best of Reggio, Waldorf, and Montessori, we have infused it with healthy eating, healthy learning and open-ended play for a rich developmentally-appropriate setting. We will have weekly lesson plans and monthly themes that are relative and age appropriate. However, we believe that learning should be a joyful, natural experience and understand that the lesson might alter based on children’s interests and/ or unexpected events.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Mister Rogers

Our expanded program provides a unique environment that combines an academic curriculum with fun, fitness related activities. Participating in sports not only helps children with cooperative, fine and gross motor skills, but boosts confidence and reduces stress!

At Sunny’s Preschool, we run, jump, climb and tumble every day! Some of our sports include:

• Ninja
• Gymnastics
• Yoga
• Dance
• Rock climbing
• Outdoor activities
• And more!

Latest research has also shown that a foundation of high emotional intelligence is an important factor in a child’s future success in relationships, academics, and making healthier choices. In our classroom, building strong social skills is priority. We strive to foster a respectful environment where children can express their needs and feelings in a safe way. We focus on compassion for one another, how to take responsibility for ourselves,
and how to communicate effectively.

With a focus on kindergarten readiness, early literacy, math, science and art skills are built into our daily activities. Along with these, we have weekly hands-on specialties in art and science. We ensure all activities are developmentally appropriate and are flexible enough to meet the individual needs of the children in our program.

By combining social/ emotional learning, along with sports and our engaging academic curriculum, we focus on the health and happiness of the whole child, providing the foundation for their future success in school and beyond.

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but candles to be lit.” – Robert H. Schaffer


  • Sports are part of our complete curriculum every day, at no additional cost!
  • With access to all the fun in our 40,000sq ft facility, there’s no problem staying active on cold or rainy days!
  • Experienced, highly trained and compassionate teachers.
  • Family owned and operated business for 30+ years.
  • 25% discount on all other tuition- based programs.


In the car on the way home today, Nico told me, “Mummy, I love my school, it’s so much fun”. The best words a parent can hear! Thank you so much for making Sunny’s preschool such a wonderful learning environment!

Testimonial from Jane
Parent of Sunny’s Pre-Schooler



• 2 Days – Tuesday and Thursday

• 3 Days – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

• 5 Days – Monday-Friday*
* While anyone can choose the 5 day a week option; 4 and 5 year olds who will be enrolling in kindergarten Fall 2022 must choose the 5-day program. 


8:30am -3:00pm


2.5 – 5 years old
(must be potty trained)

Is your child in kindergarten or above? Please see  FUNrichment Afterschool


• 2 Days – Tuesday and Thursday:

• 3 Days – Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

• 5 Days – Monday-Friday*:
* While anyone can choose the 5 day a week option; 4 and 5 year olds who will be enrolling in kindergarten Fall 2022 must choose the 5-day program. 

PLEASE NOTE: Availability (Number of days per week) will be confirmed with the Program Director after you submit your reservation form.

  • Available for ages 2.5 – 5 years old
  • Sun Country Membership is required to participate
  • Please bring your own snacks and lunch
  • 10% sibling discount (monthly rates only)
  • All participants must be potty trained
  • Current immunization and health forms must be received at time of registration


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PLEASE NOTE: Availability (Number of days per week) will be confirmed with the Program Director after you submit your reservation form.



Camp Sunny Jr. provides a day camp, with half and full day options, when Alachua County Schools are closed. This camp is appropriate for children aged 2.5-5. To enroll on these days please use the Camp Sunny Jr. registration form.
This program licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Our license number is: C08AL0013

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